1. Promoting Health for All in Canada


    CAPSA’s second annual Working On Wellness (WOW) event is taking place Friday, September 15th, 2023, at City Hall in Ottawa

  2. Overdose Awareness Day


    On 31 August, several hundred events are being organized around the world to raise public awareness of the importance of the overdose problem

  3. European Drug Report – Everywhere, Everything, Everyone


    The European Drug Report 2023 provides an analysis of the drug situation in Europe and presents the complex challenges associated with drugs

  4. Women and Addiction, ChatGPT Shows the Way


    We asked ChatGPT to shed some light on the issue of access to addiction treatment services for women and the obstacles they face

  5. The State of Drug Treatment Worldwide


    The World Drug Report puts a strong focus on the situation of people with drug dependence and that of drug treatment services

  6. 25 Years of Service to People


    Dianova celebrates a quarter century of commitment to serving people and communities in vulnerable situations

  7. The Gender Perspective: a Fundamental Approach


    Only in five people in treatment is a woman: how to eliminate gender-related barriers to access to addiction services

  8. Enhancing the Gender Perspective in EU Drug Policies


    Dianova participates in the elaboration of a report aimed at EU drug policy decision-makers, with a view to enhancing the gender perspective

  9. Gender Barriers: A Struggle for Equal Opportunities


    Women remain under-represented in addiction treatment due to shame, stigma, and fear of legal and social repercussions, among other obstacles

  10. First and Foremost, Prevention is a Science


    Dianova participates in an expert consultation on drug prevention organized by the Proyecto Hombre association in Oviedo (Spain)