Governing Bodies

The governing bodies of Dianova International are responsible for overseeing the development and strategic orientations of the Dianova network. they consist of the Assembly of delegates, the Assembly council and the Auditing body.

Assembly of Delegates

It is the highest body of the organization, whose task is to determine the general policy of Dianova International. It brings together the delegates of the ordinary and affiliate members, the individual honorary members and the representatives of the associate members and the collective honorary members.

Assembly Council

Among other functions, the Assembly Council elaborates and directs Dianova International’s policy as determined by the Assembly of Delegates and defines the strategic and operational frameworks common to the ordinary members of the Dianova network. It is currently composed of the following members: .

  • Lizarza, Mary-Christine – President
  • Brundu, Davide – Vice-president
  • Franceschi, Luca 
  • Goberna, Rafael 
  • Goti, Elena 
  • Heim, Jean
  • Leon, Alberto 
  • Pons-Formosa, Javier
  • Puppo, Pierangelo 
  • Santos, Ana 
  • Stivan, Elisa 

Auditing Body

It is appointed by the Assembly of Delegates on the proposal of the Assembly Council. It is in charge of verifying the organization’s annual accounts, and of submitting a written report on the results of its audit to the ordinary assembly of delegates.