Responsabilité et ouverture

Our legitimacy is derived from the quality of our work, and the recognition and support of the people with, and for whom, we work, in addition to our donors and the wider public. Dianova International is therefore committed to openness, transparency and honesty about its structures, objectives, policies and activities, and we communicate actively to stakeholders and make information publicly available.

Annual Reports & Audit

We report once a year on our activities, achievements and financial situation. The financial report is audited by a qualified independent public accountant.

Transparent Practices

Transparency and accountability are essential to good governance: wherever we operate, we seek to ensure that the high standards which we demand of others are also respected in our own organizations.

The Charter of Accountability of the Dianova Network

The Charter of Accountability sets forth a set of best practices that ensure the good governance of each organization in the network. In adhering to the Charter of Accountability, network members pledge to implement its directives and display a common commitment to excellence, transparency, and accountability in all their activities.

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