World Forum Against Drugs



On 19 and 20 May, Dianova International will attend for the third time the World Forum Against Drugs (WFAD), where our representatives will have the opportunity to meet and get to know relevant actors in the field of drug policy, deal with the current situation and learn from good practices developed in other countries.


The event will be organized jointly with the Conference of European Cities Against Drugs (ECAD) in Stockholm.


The forum will be attended by 400 participants from different countries with a diversity of profiles (NGOs, governments, academics) yet all dedicated to substance abuse treatment and prevention. Renowned speakers and professionals from the addiction and medicine fields will participate in the event, including:


  • Concern about the tendency to legalize cannabis around the world and its consequences.
  • Academic studies about the harm of cannabis use, especially for teenagers.
  • Coordination of best practices between health and judicial systems.
  • Role of NGOs around the world in preventing drug use and discussion on how NGOs can become involved in the United Nations General Assembly Special Session to be held in 2016 (UNGASS).
  • Call to action to prepare for UNGASS 2016

The meeting draws attention to this event to help curb the legalization trends of many of its participants. Furthermore, it is important to set up platforms to organize the participation of civil society in the policy-making process

* NB: please note that the position of the World Forum on Drugs does not necessarily reflect that of Dianova International