International Forum on Healthy Nightlife


2016 coimbra

Recreational venues play an important role in the life of a city and of its young people, but they are closely linked to the undermining of healthy lifestyles and are associated with a variety of risk factors (sexuality, violence, alcohol and other substances, traffic accidents, etc.). As a consequence, the health and wellbeing of city’s residents is negatively impacted.

How we see or perceive our city as a living space, share leisure, work or safety depend on how much we know and how we live, and what we do contributes to creating community ties.

The International Forum on Healthy Nightlife has been organised to help prevent or overcome the problems related to late-night recreational venues and nightclubs.


Taking part in the event will be sector experts, national and international institutions and researchers in the field.


Main auditorium of the Coimbra Hospital and University Centre (Portugal)

Further Information

International Forum on Healthy Nightlife (in English and Portuguese)