60th Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND)


Commission on Narcotic DrugsThe Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) was established by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 1946, to assist the ECOSOC in supervising the application of the international drug control treaties.


The Commission holds annual sessions in the first half of the year, as well as one-day reconvened sessions at the end of each year to consider administrative and budgetary matters. In addition, inter-sessional meetings of the Commission are convened to finalize the provisional agenda of the Commission; to address organizational and substantive matters; and to provide continuous and effective policy guidance.

60th Session of the CND: Side Events Organized by Dianova Member Organizations and their Partners

Side events including meetings, presentations or panel discussions may be organised by member states, intergovernmental or non-governmental organisations on topics relevant to the work of CND but outside the formal agenda of the Commission. This year, the side events organized by Dianova and its partners include:

Monday, 13 March

“The Triple R Project: Rehabilitation, Social Reinsertion and Justice Intervention. Highlights and Suggestions for Policymakers and Practitioners”

  • Organized by the San Patrignano Foundation, Dianova Spain, Basta Sweden, Popov Belgium, World Federation Against Drugs, Recovered Users Network and EURAD.
The event will present lessons learnt and best practices in the field of recovery and illustrate actions points and policy suggestions in drug demand reduction interventions.

Wednesday, 15 March

“The Versatility of Therapeutic Communities” 

  • Organized by Dianova International, Proyecto Hombre Association and KETHEA.

The therapeutic community model is one of the most effective approaches to helping addicted people and their families in their rehabilitation and recovery process. The panel will explore how therapeutic communities have been able to provide solutions tailored to a wide range of profiles and behavioural patterns related to substance and non-substance addictions. In addition, participants will show how therapeutic communities have taken advantage of their facilities to develop alternative or complementary programmes, including methadone maintenance or detoxification programmes, treatment of dual pathology, gender-specific programmes, etc.

Thursday, 16 March

“Drug Awareness on Adults: A Five Step Approach to Prevention”

  • Organized by the Turkish Green Crescent, Dianova Portugal, EURAD, and NTAKK

Developed by the Turkish Green Crescent Society, ‘Drug Awareness on Adults’ (DAWAP), is an international project funded by Erasmus to increase drug addiction awareness amongst adults in Turkey, Portugal, Holland, and Lithuania.

This project is implemented in a five step model, comprised of a Staff Training Program (STP); Pre- and Post- Surveys on Awareness; Strategic Communication Plan (SCP); and International Competition. This event will open up a discussion on the drug awareness levels of adults in different countries by providing original data conducted in partner countries. Other subjects for discussion will include information on communication strategies to increase awareness among parents.