5th WFTC Institute in Mallorca


Members of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities (WFTC) meet in a conference-congress with the objective of sharing progress in a climate of dialogue and discussion

Mallorca (Spain) – 30 November – 3 December

WFTC Institute 2016


We are looking forward to the WFTC institute that will be held in Mallorca, Spain, from November 30th to December 3rd. Like the very successful institute held in Genoa, Italy the number of participants will be limited to 250 representing a cross section of member programs. The Genoa Declaration will be the basis for our review of the state of the art in the field of recovery.

We are witnessing a quickly changing world. The changes range from breaking down accepted social norms and agreed upon behavioral expectations to redefining old alliances. There are times when accepted norms seem to have been lost due to a surrender to the siren call of immediate gratification. The increase in addictions from new and old drugs, the internet, gambling and violence makes the presence of Therapeutic Communities more necessary then ever. Once again it is time to review our ability to respond to these changes so as to widen our effort to help the people who come through our doors.

The door was the symbol of Progetto Uomo in Rome. A light came from inside the room as a young person looked in deciding whether to enter or not. The light in the room cast a long shadow behind a person entering. The opportunity to move from shadow to light is an apt symbol for the Therapeutic Community.

We look forward to seeing you in Mallorca, where we will be greeted by one of the legends in our field, Tomeu Catala.

Anthony Gelormino, President WFTC

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