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En nuestro centro internacional de recuperación de Quinta das Lapas, a 40 km de Lisboa, nos especializamos en ayudar a personas que beben en exceso, consumen sustancias, abusan de Internet, etc.


Dianova está establecida en Portugal desde 1984 como asociación de utilidad pública especializada en la educación y promoción de la salud; en tratamiento y rehabilitación y en la formación y capacitación de Personas y Organizaciones.


Nuestro centro de tratamiento forma parte de la red internacional de Dianova, con estatus consultivo especial en las Naciones Unidas (ECOSOC/ONU).

¿Por qué elegir Dianova para su tratamiento?

Nuestro centro internacional de recuperación le brinda la posibilidad de superar su problema en un entorno privilegiado, ofreciendo:

¿Por qué un centro en el extranjero es una buena opción?

Le será más fácil encontrar tranquilidad lejos de su entorno habitual.

Podrá concentrarse en la recuperación sin distracciones.

Para pacientes extranjeros, el programa de rehabilitación se lleva a cabo en inglés.

Es un centro de tratamiento certificado bajo el sistema de gestión de la calidad ISO 9001:2015

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The International Treatment Centre Quinta das Lapas

Located in Quinta das Lapas

40 km from Lisbon, close to the town of Torres Vedras, a renovated historical mansion, located in a quiet environment, supporting the therapeutic process.

Double and single rooms

The concept of tranquillity, confidentiality and discretion prevails throughout the entire centre. It’s a place where you can truly focus on your recovery process.

Fitness centre

The centre is equipped with a gym, outdoor sports areas, a common room and shared facilities.

Training activities

A range of specialised workshops allow patients to receive training in different fields, to ensure successful social and professional reintegration.

Occupational workshops

These workshops (carpentry, decoration, cooking, etc.) allow the patient to develop hard and soft skills and to feel useful while restoring social ties.

Nature and tranquillity

A historic site in an exceptional natural setting of four hectares and comfortable facilities.

How can we help?

We offer a personalised programme, adapted to the needs of each person, following an exhaustive and multifaceted individual evaluation.


Our programme is based on the most advanced theoretical models that have proven effective in treating addictions and applies a comprehensive, inclusive and gender-sensitive approach. We offer group therapy and family therapy sessions, motivational interviewing techniques, acceptance and engagement therapy as well as rapid and strategic family therapy.

Our focus is your health

Our international treatment centre offers comprehensive care that combines psychological, somatic and social approaches, with the aim of accompanying the patient through a process of change that profoundly alters different areas of their daily life and personality. Dianova’s approach is based on the socialising framework of the therapeutic community by means of three essential elements:

A proven methodology

In Dianova, our treatment is part of a framework of care that takes place over the medium to long term. The objective is to maintain long-term abstinence. Our intervention is based on a bio-psychosocial perspective and scientifically validated methodologies.

A committed team

The international centre is based around the engagement of a multidisciplinary team that combines professionalism and social commitment. Our team includes a general practitioner, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, as well as educators and therapists.

Therapeutic alliance

Each patient actively participates in his or her own therapeutic project and that of others. This patient involvement is made possible by the therapeutic alliance, that is, the bond of trust that is created between the therapist and the patient, an essential element to the process of change.

30 years of experience and more than 5000 satisfied patients are our best guarantee

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Abuse of substances

Abuse of substances is a chronic disease that affects people’s brains and results in an inability to control their consumption despite the damage caused. Legal substances such as high-grade drinks, and some medications that affect mental activity can also lead to an impulsive consumption.

Behavioural problems

Behavioural problems are characterised by the impossibility of controlling a given behaviour (for example, games, video games, internet, shopping, sports, etc.) and continuously seeking out this behaviour despite its negative consequences.