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  1. Prevent and Treat Problematic Cannabis Use


    Considerations of the Dianova network on how to improve the prevention and treatment of problematic cannabis use

  2. Addiction: Nicole’s Story

    Addiction: Nicole’s Story


    Like many other women with addiction problems, Nicole suffered long before she could find a program that would suit her needs

  3. Stigmatization in the Workplace

    Stigmatization in the Workplace


    Dianova publishes a document about the stigma of substance use disorders in the workplace, the best practices to combat stigma and to implement an efficient substance use policy at work

  4. Representatives of the Dianova Network

    Strategic Orientations 2020


    Since the date of its professionalization, in 1998, the Dianova network has been committed to an ongoing process of modernization to increase its capacity to provide efficient responses to the multiple challenges resulting from the evolution of society – while respecting its Mission, Vision and Values. With these objectives in mind a “strategic plan” is defined every four years.

  5. Our 10 Most Popular Articles in 2015

    Our 10 Most Popular Articles in 2015


    An overview of Dianova's most read articles

  6. Annual Assembly of Dianova

    Assembly of Delegates of the Dianova network: Together, Farther


    Dianova’s annual assembly of delegates was held on October 23 in Palma de Majorca (Spain) with more than 50 representatives from the Network’s member organizations who debated issues likely to affect the whole network, presented their programs and activities and addressed legal and administrative matters.

  7. The Activities of the Dianova Network

    Letter from the Director General


    On Dianova's Annual Report 2014, by Montse Rafel

  8. Annual report 2014

    Annual Report 2014


    A letter by Luca Franceschi, President of Dianova International on the occasion of the publication of Dianova's Annual Report 2014 

  9. Development of the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan


    "Creating our future… We will go where we come from" Since 1998, when the organization decided to move forward down the professionalization path, Dianova International has been encouraging the implementation of work teams dedicated to developing the Dianova network’s strategic plans. As the ultimate plan will reach its term in 2016, an initial workshop has… Read more »

  10. Dianova General Council

    Portrait of 2014


    A brief review of this past year