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  1. Dianova’s Most Read Articles in 2021


    After another complicated period, let’s have a look back on the past year with the top ten articles that our readers found most interesting

  2. World Drug Report 2016


    With an estimated 207,400 drug-related deaths in 2014, the number of drug-related deaths worldwide has remained stable, although unacceptable

  3. Drugs: Experts Highlight New Health Risks


    The European Drug Report launched by EMCDDA points out the emerging challenges posed by new substances and changes in patterns of use (…)

  4. A Brief Guide to the Commission on the Status of Women


    The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is the principal global policy-making body dedicated exclusively to gender equality and the advancement of women. Every year, representatives of UN Member States gather in New York to evaluate progress in this field (…)

  5. Drug seizure in the West Midlands

    The Engagement of Civil Society for UNGASS – Drugs & Crime


    Civil society organizations contribute to the preparatory process of UNGASS 2016: Drugs and Crime

  6. DUI prevention in Key West (Florida)

    The Importance of Prevention


    "Preventing other problem behaviours may have positive effects with regard to the prevention of substance abuse"

  7. United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the world drug problem

    The Engagement of Civil Society for the UNGASS: Drugs and Health


    The contribution of civil society to the UNGASS 2016 upon the theme "Drugs and health"

  8. Une « Epidémie » d’héroïne frappe les Etats-Unis

    Small Town America Hit by Heroin Epidemic


    New trend: the epidemic primarily affects white populations from middle and upper classes

  9. Intersessional and reconvened CND

    Getting closer to UNGASS


    The Intersessional and reconvened sessions of the CND discuss the UNGASS preparation in Vienna

  10. Corruption is deadly

    Corruption, a Roadblock to Development


    Corruption is a global phenomenon, however it harms poor people more than others, diverting desperately needed funds from education or healthcare