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  1. Site d'injection supervisée Insite

    Supervised Injection Site Insite to Stay Open


    On September 29, 2011, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously to uphold supervised injection site Insite’s legal exemption allowing some injecting drug users (IDUs) in the Downtown Eastside neighborhood of Vancouver to continue to inject their own drugs safely, with sterile equipment, without fearing police intervention.

  2. Coca leaves

    Bolivia to Withdraw from UN Single Convention


    Bolivia is set to withdraw from an international narcotics convention in protest at its classification of coca leaves as an illegal drug. President Evo Morales, who is also the leader of one of the country’s main coca producers’ unions, has asked Congress to pass a law that would take Bolivia out of the 1961 United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

  3. Drugs and Brain

    Pharmacological Approaches to Addiction


    There are few health problems that generate as much debate and as many different positions as drug addiction, both with the general public and with sector professionals. For the general public, drug addiction is often synonymous with bad habits, decadence, and delinquency.

  4. Call Off the Global Drug War

    Call Off the Global Drug War


    “In an extraordinary new initiative announced earlier this month, the Global Commission on Drug Policy has made some courageous and profoundly important recommendations in a report on how to bring more effective control over the illicit drug trade. The commission includes the former presidents or prime ministers of five countries, a former secretary general of… Read more »

  5. Lithograph by Joaquim Pujol, offered to Dianova

    Foundations of Dianova’s Education Project


    For nearly forty years, the Dianova network has vowed to give each person in their care the means to achieve greater freedom and self-reliance, and to be able to change. To achieve such a commitment, we have developed practices which are based not only on introspection and adequate relationships between people, but also on learning. Learning means change; thus education, whether formal or informal, has always been the core of Dianova’s social projects.

  6. An Appeal from Amnesty International

    An Appeal from Amnesty International


    Amnesty International recently released a series of four documentary films directed by Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal. The films are designed to attract public concern about the fate of hundreds of migrants travelling in hope of reaching the USA, through Mexico. Instead of hope they often face abduction, rape and murder while travelling in Mexico where most of those aggressions take place.

  7. World Aids Day

    World AIDS Day


    The world is living with AIDS for over twenty-five years. And in twenty-five years, the evolution of the disease has been fundamentally different, depending on countries and regions.Over the past decade, citizens of rich countries feel less and less concerned about the disease and prevention efforts’ efficiency dropped.

  8. The Dianova Network

    The Dianova Network Manifesto


    At Dianova International’s General Assembly, held in Madrid on October 30th, threpresentatives of the network’s member organizations have approved two important documents: “The Dianova Network Manifesto” and the “Charter of Accountability”.

  9. Reviewing the UN’s Drug Prohibition Framework

    Reviewing the UN’s Drug Prohibition Framework


    In reviewing the case for the “failure” of the UN’s drug prohibition framework, many groups reiterate some of the classic logic errors of the drug reform movement. Recent events at the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs offered an opportunity for many drug policy groups, including Wood et al.’s (2009) recent article in the Lancet,… Read more »