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  1. The Esther del Rio las Marias school (Nicaragua) teaches agricultural techniques

    Rural Women in Nicaragua


    In Nicaragua, rural women and girls face persistent structural constraints that prevent them from fully enjoying their human rights. Nevertheless, these women play a crucial role in supporting their families and communities, generating income and improving livelihoods and overall well-being.

    Rafael Guerrero, director of the Dianova Nicaragua Foundation, takes stock of these difficulties before detailing, in another article, the solutions implemented by Dianova for and with these women. 

  2. Marijuana and depression are strongly associated

    Truths & Lies About Marijuana


    Marijuana is not a newly-arrived substance, however its rapid growth and its trivialization among youth have brought this issue at the heart of the debates on whether or not modifying the laws that regulate marijuana use, transportation and cultivation – with poor effectiveness. In this context, it seems we should all be able to count on a clear understanding of this substance and its related effects. In this regard, conflicting messages seem however to be the rule rather than the exception.

  3. Domingo Comas Arnau, President of the Atenea Foundation

    Latest Debates on the Legal Status of Drugs


    The legislative changes occurred in recent years on the status of currently illegal drugs have shaped a situation those persisting in using worthless, outdated arguments (control vs. responsibility for some, freedom vs. efficiency for the others) seldom acknowledge. 

    By Domingo Comas Arnau

  4. "Medicine Man", a medical marijuana dispensary in Denver (Colorado)

    The Changing Face of Marijuana and Marijuana Policy (3/3)


    Conclusion of the article by Dr. Kevin Sabet

    Legalization is about much more than “live and let live” and not jailing marijuana users. Regardless of the law on the books, most jurisdictions in the US and Europe have already made it practice not to imprison marijuana users.

  5. Medical marijuana

    The Changing Face of Marijuana and Marijuana Policy (2/3


    Continuation of article by Dr. Kevin Sabet (2/3)

    Washington and Colorado are on the brink of opening their first retail marijuana stores. Uruguay is also following a model of state-based marijuana selling. What exactly will happen now is anyone’s guess, but we can make some educated projections based on what is already beginning…

  6. Protesters calling for marijuana regulation in Montevideo (Uruguay)

    The Changing Face of Marijuana and Marijuana Policy (1/3)


    In a long, well-documented paper,  Dr. Kevin Sabet looks back at the history of marijuna legalization and challenges a fledgling, profit-hungry industry ready to take advantage of the new green (gold) rush. Dr Sabet details the consequences that can be drawn from marijuana legalization while deploring the abuses of medical marijuana. This article will be published in three different parts, starting from today until Friday, February 14.

  7. Amendement 64 paved the way for marijuana regulation

    Marijuana Policy : Let’s Open the Debate


    Marijuana is by far the most widely consumed illicit substance in the world. In European Union, it has been estimated that marijuana has been used at least once by one in four of all 15- to 64-year-olds. In view of the scope of the phenomenon, it appears reasonable to question policies that are obviously ineffective. However, should we go as far as to regulate marijuana use? In any case this is the approach adopted by some. Rightly or wrongly? Let’s open the debate.

  8. Dr Hugo España, Addiction Specialist

    “We can all be Addicts”


    Interview with Dr. Hugo España, addiction specialist and toxicologist by Amalia del Cid (first published on La ) –

    Addiction is a risk of everyday life, but sometimes we do not understand it. As human beings, almost any human behavior can turn into an addiction, even a passion for soccer, Dr. España explains. In his opinion, this process is not only influenced by our genes but also by our experiences, our emotional voids, as well as certain substances called neurotransmitters, responsible for opening and closing specific "gates" in our brain.

  9. Leadership

    Leadership Deficit in Nonprofits: Challenges & Opportunities


    The lack of strong leadership is one of the biggest challenges facing nonprofits today – a which is going to get worse as the sector expands and baby boom executives retire. Nonprofit organizations – foundations, associations, NGOs, institutions, public and semi public agencies, joint ventures and even corporate foundations – depend on two resources to accomplish their missions. One of them is money. The other one, perhaps even more scarce, is leadership.

    Read complete article, by Juan Algar (Spanish version)

  10. education

    Global Education Forum


    On October 6, the Global Education Forum took place in Madrid; this international meeting gathered many education professionals to debate on the future of education. The purpose of the meeting was to propose to all social agents a “great conversation” about the necessity and urgency of creating a new educational model capable of providing responses to the deep transformations of our time.