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  1. Interview with Lucía Goberna


    “It is urgent to rethink addiction treatment programs in order to effectively respond to women’s needs”

  2. Resilience in the Context of Global Happiness


    Building an optimistic and collective vision of resilience based on the prospect of global happiness, carried out in compliance with the SDGs

  3. Access to Vaccines, a Question of Social Justice


    On the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice, Dianova supports the call for equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines globally

  4. Education to Increase Hope


    CoNGO president, and three other NGO leaders, join in a statement on the International Day of Education 2021

  5. World Children’s Day


    A day to promote awareness among children worldwide, improve their welfare, and protect them from drugs, whether licit or not

  6. Debating the Future of Treatment


    The United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs organizes a thematic meeting to review how to strengthen the scope of the treatment

  7. Eradicating Poverty, Still a Distant Goal


    El 17 de octubre, celebramos el Día Internacional para la Erradicación de la Pobreza. Pero ¿cuán lejos estamos efectivamente de conseguir este reto?

  8. Factors relating to subjective psychological wellbeing


    Quantifying and encouraging wellbeing: a desirable aim, both socially and politically

  9. Individualism as a Barrier to Drug Reform


    Understanding that individualism is as much a tool as an objective statement of fact, is vital when deciding on what drug policy to adopt

  10. Beliefs and Mental Health


    If we feel that something is wrong, we should start to analyse our beliefs and identify which ones are really valid and which are not