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  1. 60 Years of the War on Drugs: What Needs to Change


    Most countries have been fighting a global war on drugs for decades; yet prison populations have reached record highs, while human rights abuses continue unabated

  2. Focus on Hepatitis


    Viral hepatitis is an infection that causes liver inflammation and damage. It can be caused by different viruses spread in various ways

  3. COVID-19 Takes Heavy Toll on 2030 Agenda


    However, members of the Dianova network positively impacted on several Sustainable Development Goals despite the pandemic

  4. Support, Don’t Punish Women Who Use Drugs!


    Ruth Birgin coordinates the Women and Harm Reduction International Network according to which drug policy presents the single greatest threat to the health and well-being of women who use drugs

  5. Minors Rebuilding Their Lives in ‘Las Torrecillas’


    Giving comprehensive answers to complex questions: Dianova Spain’s community-based residential addiction treatment programmes for minors

  6. Children in Treatment, a Forgotten Generation?


    Drug treatment services do not usually take into account the rights and well-being of children while their parents are in treatment, it is time to change this

  7. The Norwegian Drug Policy Reform Is Dead, but the Movement Has Grown


    A five-year-old journey has ended. An historic opportunity to decriminalise possession of illicit substances for personal use was lost in parliament (Storting)

  8. Mainstreaming a Gender Perspective in Addiction Services


    Dianova and WFAD organized an interactive Round Table to reflect on how to mainstream a gender perspective in addiction treatment services

  9. Technology and Communication


    Media literacy and education technology should start in childhood, with the participation of families and teachers

  10. Spending Quality Time with One’s Family


    Quality family time has beneficial effects on children: well-being, a sense of belonging, and a positive influence on cognitive development