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  1. Women and Addiction, ChatGPT Shows the Way


    We asked ChatGPT to shed some light on the issue of access to addiction treatment services for women and the obstacles they face

  2. The Gender Perspective: a Fundamental Approach


    Only in five people in treatment is a woman: how to eliminate gender-related barriers to access to addiction services

  3. Gender Barriers: A Struggle for Equal Opportunities


    Women remain under-represented in addiction treatment due to shame, stigma, and fear of legal and social repercussions, among other obstacles

  4. Why Does Gender Matter?


    In its statement to the CND, Dianova stresses the need to mainstream a gender perspective into drug policies and services

  5. Is Digital Technology a Driver or a Barrier to Gender Equality?


    On the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8, we publish Dianova’s statement to the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW67) that is now being held in New York

  6. Therapeutic Communities and Climate Change


    Do TCs have a role to play in climate change? It seems so. In particular through education and partnerships

  7. Bringing Severe Pain to an End


    The author denounces the blatant injustice in access to painkillers around the world and proposes an international collective action to address it

  8. The Gender Perspective in the Americas


    Statement by Patricia Puigdevall on behalf of Dianova International at the 72nd session of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD)

  9. Addiction: Children’s Rights Matter Too!


    Children have a right to be protected from substance use stigma and its harmful effects on families: an opinion article on the perspective of children’s rights

  10. Supporting Children Affected by the Stigma Associated with a Parent’s Substance Use


    Children do not have a choice in the kind of home environment they are raised in. But as a community, we have a choice in the kind of community environment that supports them