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  1. CEDAW on the Local Level


    What you can do in your own communities to implement international law

  2. First Meeting of the Newly Elected Civil Society Forum on Drugs


    Dianova International continues to be a member of the CSFD for the period 2018-2020

  3. World Drug Report 2018


    The UNODC study reveals a series of worrying records about the production of drugs and the increase of deaths from overdose

  4. Dianova International Diploma Programme


    Dianova Chile launches a program of Professional Update and Development of Competences for its on-site teams in the field of Addiction Treatment.

  5. Celebration of 20 years of work in the Dianova network


    Dianova organises the “Learning network – Trends and Challenges for 21st century NGOs” symposium and a visit to the Quinta das Lapas therapeutic community in Portugal to commemorate its twentieth anniversary.

  6. Dianova Portugal at the Forefront for Equality


    Dianova Portugal is awarded the “Quality is Equality” Honorable Mention at a ceremony in the presence of the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality

  7. Consequences of Addiction Stigma


    Despite the extent of the addiction problem, people must face a highly stigmatizing moral judgment from society as a whole, which can lead to dramatic consequences

  8. Stigma: “We are people, period”


    Dianova aims to end the rejection suffered by people with substance use disorders

  9. OAS General Assembly


    Democracy and Human Rights were in the center of the discussions at the 48th General Assembly of the Organization of American States

  10. Voices of Youth Against Gun Violence


    Forum on gun violence brought together students and experts for a meaningful dialogue at the United Nations