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  1. Drug Policies: Focus on the Americas


    Dianova Participated in Events Organized by the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission at the 2021 Session of the CND

  2. Widening the Cannabis Debate


    Dianova organized a side event at the CND64 on how to improve prevention and treatment programs for problematic cannabis use

  3. “It Is Important to Maintain an Open-Mind Towards Mental Health Work”


    Dianova interviewed Barbara L. Ponieman, MD Psychiatrist working in New York City, about the importance of mental health

  4. 60 Years of International Drug Control


    The anniversary of the international drug conventions is an opportunity to reflect on additional tools to respond to the changing nature of the world drug problem

  5. Identifying and Overcoming Gender Barriers in Addiction Treatment


    An innovative infographic showcases gender barriers in the treatment of addictions, proposing ways to overcome them

  6. The Harrowing Experiences of Women in Prison


    In many parts of the world, including democratic countries, minority women face harsher sentences and sometimes violence

  7. Dianova, a Decade Contributing to International Drug Policies


    For the tenth consecutive year, Dianova organizes several side events at the 64th session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs

  8. “It Is Crucial to Address the Impact of Violence”


    CSW65 parallel event: addressing gender-based violence: a key element in gender-sensitive addiction treatment programmes

  9. COVID-19 Crisis, a Major Challenge for Gender Equality


    Women’s participation in public life has stalled and gender-based violence has increased as a result of the pandemic

  10. Problematic Cannabis Use: How Can We Improve Treatment & Prevention?


    Dianova held a series of webinars on how to improve and adapt programmes for the prevention and treatment of problematic cannabis use