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  1. Women & Addictions: a Question of Human Rights


    At the 42nd Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva in September 2019, Dianova International discussed how gender differences in addictions impact women

  2. Professionalizing Drug Prevention


    A new manual has been designed to train substance abuse prevention professionals in Europe

  3. Addiction Does not Differentiate between Men and Women!


    Society thinks a woman with substance use disorders is automatically a bad mother. We must get over these gender prejudices and stereotypes

  4. SDGs: an Open dialogue with Civil Society


    The first Civil Society Organization Forum was held in parallel to the second Summit on Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations General Assembly

  5. Adapting the TC Model to Current Needs


    Therapeutic community experts met on September 19 and 20 in Thessaloniki (Greece) to share knowledge and experiences on this addiction treatment model

  6. Eugène Etse and George Odalo Present at CoDeS 2019


    Two representatives of the Dianova Network’s member organizations will present academic papers reflecting on their work at CoDeS 2019

  7. The SDGs at the Core of Agenda of the UN General Assembly


    From 24 to 30 September, representatives of Member States met to discuss global issues such as sustainable development, peace and climate change

  8. 17th EFTC Conference in Thessaloniki


    The conference will try and determine what changes need to be made in order to improve the services provided in therapeutic communities

  9. Educating Adolescents in Nicaragua


    International Literacy Day: “Thanks to the Dianova Foundation’s workshops I have learned and changed my way of thinking about important issues for us, adolescents, for my family and my community.”

  10. Interview with Eugene Etse, President of GRADH


    Eugène Etse Yawo est togolais et travaille comme responsable de la mobilisation des ressources et du marketing pour la Croix-Rouge togolaise