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  1. Yes, Older People Can Be Stigmatized too!


    Prejudice and negative stereotypes play a major role in the violence, abuse and neglect of older people; let’s build an inclusive society!

  2. EMCDDA Becomes EUDA: More Powers and Cooperation with Civil Society


    The new European Union Drugs Agency will have more powers to face current and future challenges

  3. For a Europe at the Forefront of Drug Policies


    On the eve of the European elections, a new manifesto calls for a drug policy that makes Europe safer, healthier and more just

  4. Highlights of CND67


    This session will hopefully mark a turning point, with drug policies opening up to social changes and emerging needs

  5. My health, My Right


    Each year, World Health Day aims to draw attention to one of the most crucial issues in this area – this year: “My health, my right”

  6. Pompidou Group 2024 Thematic Training


    Improving access to and quality of treatment services: a fundamental step in addressing substance use disorders and related mental health problems

  7. The Profile of Therapeutic Communities Worldwide


    WFTC second World Social Report presents a detailed overview of the reality of therapeutic communities globally

  8. Upcoming Drug Policy Milestones


    This year’s CND will be preceded by a session to review progress on the implementation of international commitments

  9. International Women’s Day


    Improving women’s access to services and promoting their active participation in all spheres of society is essential

  10. European Civil Society Consultations


    Društvo UP, associate member of Dianova International, participates in two important meetings on drug policy developments