Women's empowerment

  1. A Gateway Within All Women’s Reach!


    A Gateway within all women’s reach: multiple barriers prevent women from accessing addiction services. It’s high time we removed them!

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  2. Empower Women, Empower Society


    Dianova calls on authorities to address the vulnerabilities and needs of women who use drugs and to take gender-based violence into account

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  3. UNiTE to End Gender-based Violence


    #2030EndGenderViolence – Because it’s enough! UNiTE to put an end to gender-based violence

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  4. End Violence Against Women and Girls


    Orange the world and support the 16-day, UNITE campaign to end violence against women and girls, without leaving anyone behind

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  5. Campaign to End Gender-Based Violence


    Support the UN Women campaign to raise awareness and funds to eliminate all forms of gender-based violence. Follow us and help us spread the word for a safe and free world for all!

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