1. campaña_ #notedejesqueteposea post Chica

    #DontLetThemPossessYou: Help Us Pass the Message!


    You too can help us get the message out! Share our information and awareness campaign on Internet addiction on the social media.

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  2. campaña_ #notedejesqueteposea post Chica



    For Internet addicts, being connected is a priority more important than family, friends, and work; it becomes the organizing principle of their lives (…)

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  3. Dianova's 'React' Drug Awareness Campaign



    The campaign targets more particularly alcohol or drug users and their families, suggesting how drug or alcohol abuse can lead to the disappearance what’s important to a person’s well-being and identity (…)

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  4. Faces


    The campaign is especifically aimed at young people with a substance abuse or misuse problem (alcohol or other drugs) that makes it increasingly difficult for them to navigate their own way in society (…)

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  5. Campaña Mira el problema de las drogas con otros ojos - Dianova - pera colgando o madurando

    Look at the Drug Problem with Different Eyes


    The campaign intends to modify the social regard on drug-related issues by suggesting that a number of objects or events can be interpreted in different ways (…)

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  6. Exit


    The video spot, which is quite somber, is aimed at young adults and adults with severe alcohol or drug problems (dependence or abuse) (…)

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