• Campaign “React”
  • Date: 2014 – 2015
  • Agency: Externa Comunicacio, Production : Bloodymary films
  • Material: posters, postcards, videos, web banners
  • Distibution: international (Dianova network)

Target Audience and Theme

The campaign is for the general public but targets more particularly alcohol or drug users and their families. The “REACT” campaign suggests how drug or alcohol abuse can lead to the total disappearance of everything that is important to a person’s well-being and identity: his or her family, work-related relationships or friends. It depicts a young marijuana user, a housewife abusing pills and people abusing cocaine or making an excessive use of alcohol at work.

Profile and Way of Life

At first, people start using drugs and alcohol to try and bear what they feel is boredom or stress within their lives. Gradually however, they become an integral part of people’s lives and they develop strategies to conceal their problem or to minimize its impact on their lives.

Motivation to Change

The “REACT” campaign does not intend to convey a tragic or pessimistic picture. Instead, it offers hope. It suggests that any motivated person is able to react and to overcome his/her problem. Dianova will be there to help people make the best decision and to accompany them each step of the way.