• Campaign “Look at the Drug Problem with Different Eyes”
  • Date: 2004
  • Agency: TBWA
  • Material: posters, postcards, videos
  • Distribution: international (Dianova network ) video translated in 7 languages

Target Audience and Theme

The campaign, which is appropriate for all audiences, intends to modify the social regard on drug-related issues by suggesting that a number of objects or events can be interpreted in different ways depending on the onlooker’s personality, experiences or living environment.

Profile/Way of Life

Whatever our origins or social backgrounds, many people tend to think those addicted to alcohol or drugs are deviant, marginal people, lacking will and sometimes engaged in criminal activities. Drug and alcohol addiction may on the contrary affect everyone and when it happens, addiction hurts everyone connected to the person.

Motivation to Change

The motto: “Look at the drug problem with different eyes” is intended to encourage the general public to more sympathy and understanding and less stigma towards drug users. Addiction is a human condition, not an insult, neither an insurmountable problem, and there are ways out of this problem.