• Campaign “Exit”
  • Date: 2003
  • Agency: TBWA
  • Materials : posters, post cards, videos
  • Distribution: international (Dianova network)

Target Audience and Theme

The video spot, which has quite a very dark feel to it, is aimed at young adults and adults with severe alcohol or drug problems (abuse and addiction, escape from reality and responsibilities, social, professional and family problems, etc). The campaign’s additional material (posters and postcards) utilize the ‘Exit’ sign which symbolizes the exit door from dependence, represented by Dianova

Profile/Way of Life

The campaign emphasizes the solitude of dependent people and the disruption of their lifestyles. People now live for only one thing, alcohol or other drugs, and addiction is depicted as a long, dismal corridor flanked with dank cells people elect to take refuge in depending on the substances they feel compelled to use.

Motivation to Change

The campaign’s purpose is to underline that whatever their degree of dependence, those who abuse alcohol or other drugs can kick their habit, there is an escape, a way out that is symbolized by ther EXIT sign depicted on each material. The videos concludes with arguments promoting the “brand” Dianova and its capacity to give hope to people with severe addiction problems.