25 years of addi_Actions!

A new campaign celebrates a quarter century of commitment to serving people and communities in vulnerable situations

25 years have passed since the creation of Dianova in 1998. 25 years spent serving people and communities through a network of foundations and associations, now present in 19 countries and four continents. 25 years during which Dianova has been committed to addressing the addiction problem through actions that benefit people, their environment and society in general.

Why Celebrate This Anniversary?

To acknowledge and value the work carried out over the years

To highlight the growing increase and complexity of the addiction problem

To emphasize the essential work carried out by third sector organizations

To express our gratitude to those who have supported us from the very outset

A Common Foundation: Our Experience as Addiction Specialists

Since 1998, the Dianova member organizations have been offering services dedicated to addressing addiction-related problems, based on respect for human rights and ethical principles. All our interventions are based on science-based models, in both residential and outpatient settings, that place the individual at the heart of the care process.

A Holistic Approach

Over the years, Dianova has become involved in the many issues associated – as causes or consequences – with the addiction phenomenon, including:

  • The discrimination and stigmatization that people with substance use disorders have to face;
  • The issue of gender as a social constructthat may penalize certain populations;
  • The need to provide people experiencing addictive disorders, including ‘non-substance’ addictive behaviours with comprehensive care;
  • The relationship between mental health disorders and addictive disorders;
  • The human rights violations in connection with the global responses to drugs;
  • The role of civil society in drug policy, etc.

These issues are the subject of Dianova International’s and its partners’ commitment to advocacy within international organizations and forums.

Our Evolution in 4 Key Points

From the “addicted” person to addictive disorders in general

From the focus on “drugs” to the focus on a person’s relationship with a given substance or behaviour

From the individual problem to the systemic problem

From an individual health issue to a public health problem

The addi_Actions Campaign

The campaign aims to highlight Dianova’s essential attributes: a transnational network present in 19 countries and 4 continents; an international reference on the issue of addiction

Campaign Concept

At Dianova, we have been committed for over 25 years to addressing addictions through actions aimed at supporting those concerned, their families and society as a whole.

Some of the campaign’s visuals

Developed by the Inbranding agency, the campaign will be disseminated on the websites and social networks of Dianova International and its members, in a series of thought-provoking, attractive visuals, accompanied by key messages translated into several languages.

The purpose of these visuals is to:

Disseminate and publicize the new Addi_Actions concept

Help combat the stigmatization of drug users

Put addiction issues at the heart of the social and health agenda

Show the relationship between addiction and other issues (mental health, gender violence, etc.)

And lastly… to provide those concerned and their families with adequate solutions

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