Our guarantee: 30 years of experience and over 5,000 satisfied patients.

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Located 40 km from Lisbon, our International Treatment Centre specializes in addressing substance use disorders and other dependences, including alcohol, drugs, and non-substance-related addictions.

Dianova has been established in Portugal since 1984 as a public utility association specializing in education and health promotion, addiction treatment and rehabilitation, and training and capacity building for people and organizations.

Our treatment centre is part of the Dianova international network, with Special Consultative Status at the United Nations (ECOSOC/UN).

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    International Treatment Centre Quinta das Lapas – Photo Gallery

    The centre is located in Quinta das Lapas

    40 km from Lisbon, near the town of Torres Vedras, a historical, renovated manor situated in a quiet environment, favouring the therapeutic process.

    Single and double rooms

    Throughout the centre, the notion of tranquillity, confidentiality and discretion prevails; a place where you can concentrate on your recovery process.


    The centre is equipped with a gymnasium, outdoor sports areas, a common room and shared facilities.

    Training and digital workshops

    A variety of specialized workshops allows patients to receive training in different areas to facilitate successful socio-professional reintegration.

    Occupational workshops

    These workshops (carpentry, decoration, cooking, etc.) allow the patient to develop hard and soft skills and to feel useful, thus enabling them to rebuild social bonds.

    Nature and tranquillity

    A historical site in an exceptional natural environment of 10 acres and comfortable facilities.


    We offer a customized programme, adapted to each person’s needs following a comprehensive, multifactorial individual evaluation.

    Our programme is grounded in state-of-the-art theoretical models which have proved efficient in the treatment of addictions, and uses a gender-sensitive, integral and integrative approach. We provide group therapy and family therapy sessions, motivational interviewing techniques, acceptance and commitment therapy, and strategic brief family therapy.

    Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

     Our international treatment centre offers comprehensive care combining psychological, somatic and social approaches, aiming to accompany the patient in a process of change that profoundly modifies the different areas of daily life and personality. Dianova’s approach is based on the socializing framework of the therapeutic community through three essential elements:

    A proven methodology

    At Dianova, treatment is part of a long-term care framework. The objective is to stop the addictive behaviour and maintain long-term abstinence. The intervention is grounded in a biopsychosocial perspective based on science-based methodologies.

    A committed team

    Dianova’s international treatment centre is based on the commitment of a multidisciplinary team that combines professionalism and social commitment. Our team includes a general practitioner, a psychiatrist, a psychologist and various educators and therapists.

    Therapeutic alliance

    Each patient actively participates in their own therapeutic project and that of others. This involvement of the patient is made possible by the therapeutic alliance, i.e. the bond of trust that is created between the therapist and the patient, an essential element in the process of change.

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    Our guarantee: 30 years of experience and over 5,000 satisfied patients

    For additional information, please contact us: +351 911 310 or admissions@dianova.pt


    Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

    Addiction is a chronic brain disease in which people find themselves unable to stop using a substance despite harmful consequences. Legal substances such as alcohol, anxiolytics, antidepressants and other psychotropic medication (which impair mental activity) are also drugs.

    Behavioural Addictions

    Behavioural addiction is a form of addiction that involves a compulsion to engage in rewarding non-substance-related behaviours despite negative consequences to the person’s physical, mental, social or financial well-being. These behaviours may include: gambling, video games, sex, Internet, shopping, sports, etc.)