Year: 2023

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  1. Gender Equality: Dianova Italy Certified


    Dianova is committed to providing a working environment that promotes equal opportunities for all its human resources

  2. “Children first”


    In Chile, Dianova participates in a training process for professionals working with children and adolescents

  3. For a Human Rights Revolution


    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is 75 years old, but the world is in crisis and human rights are under threat everywhere…

  4. Youth, Mental Health and Addiction


    On the occasion of the World Children’s Day, Dianova organized a webinar with the participation of several experts

  5. Addictions in Uncertain Times


    In Czech Republic, Dianova participated in a meeting of addiction professionals dedicated to the main challenges in this field

  6. Annual Meeting of CSFD


    CSFD member organizations met in Brussels, once again doing their bit to address priority issues and transform drug policy

  7. Event: Young people, Mental Health and Addictions


    A Dianova virtual event will address the issue of mental health among young people and their relationship with addictions

  8. Care and Support for Infants and Families


    In Uruguay, Dianova will manage a centre dedicated to providing infants and families with appropriate care and support

  9. Addiction Among Older Adults: A Hidden Reality


    Older adults can be affected by addiction, however due to double, or triple stigma, they may not have access to the help they need

  10. World Mental Health Day


    One in eight people globally are living with mental health conditions and an increasing number of young people are affected by mental health issues