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Las Marias Educational Center

Students of the Esther del Rio - Las Marías school (Dianova Nicaragua) The Esther del Rio-Las Marías Educational center is a private institution providing primary and secondary education. The school's curriculum complies with the requirements of the ministry of Education of Nicaragua (MINED), which accordingly delivered a certification to legally operate. Dianova's school is located in the Carazo region and enrols an average of 320 students on a yearly basis. In addition, Dianova Nicaragua provides complete scholarships to boarding or external students, which strongly contributes to decreasing school dropout.


Esther del Rio - Las Marías Holistic Educational Center

The Esther del Rio - Las Marias school enrols full-time or part-time boarders and scholarship holders who receive complete support. In addition to tuition, Dianova provides students with educational materials and healthcare and psychological counselling. The Esther del Rio - Las Marias school has been certified by the Nicaraguan Ministry of the Family, as a global social service provider for children and adolescents. The center enrols 75 students. 

Dianova's activities in Nicaragua are funded in part by the income of the Europeo Hotel, located in capital city, Managua. Read article and watch video presentation of Dianova activities in this country



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