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Nature & Environment "Recycling Different" Workshops

Recycling Workshop in Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia therapeutic community A new recycling workshop was implemented in Santa Lucia therapeutic center (Madrid region) in collaboration with Ecoembes, an NGO dedicated to foster awareness among young people on sustainable development and environmental issues, a key area for the Dianova network. 

Tatiana Toledo, education staff member in charge of the project defends "the importance of educating residents and staff about the need to recycle and reuse materials in the center’s daily routines.From a therapeutic standpoint, the activity made it possible to provide residents with new objectives to help them develop their sense of creativity and self-confidence.

This activity has completed the work which has been achieved by the “social theater workshop”, which for several months, has engaged in similar objectives by encouraging TC residents to create their own costumes and staging.The "Recycling different" workshop has also enabled to "recycle packaging waste generated daily, and raise awareness of the need to preserve raw materials and energy to contribute to the preservation of the center’s natural environment, located in the heart of the Vega del Tajuña region" stresses Tatiana.

After a preliminary training, Santa Lucia staff members have incorporated the workshop to Dianova’s regular therapeutic and educational program.This new module consists of two components. The theoretical component explains the recycling process of the various materials used in the center’s daily routine, and how to sort for optimal recycling.

According to Santa Lucia staff members, the practical component was the most positive,  from a therapeutic standpoint, Residents not only learn to create decorative items from waste, but they also they find out  that they have the ability to reinvent, to spend time on something productive, to put what they learn into practice " Tatiana stresses.

The "Recycling different " workshop is supervised by a team of Dianova personnel, composed of psychologists, educators and education assistants, social workers and health workers. It is to be integrated soon into other centers in Spain.


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