1. rescuing-migrants-in-the-mediterranean

    Hearing on Migration at the UN


    Civil Society organizations push to bring human rights to the center of the international policies that address large movements of migration

  2. philippines

    Extrajudicial Killings in the Philippines


    Open letter from civil society calling on UN drug control agencies to take urgent action

  3. santos-cavero

    Strategy: the Member Organizations’ Action Plan


    The Dianova Network Member organizations presented their strategic plan 2016-2020

  4. Assembly Council

    Words from Dianova


    A message from each of the members of the new Assembly Council of Dianova International

  5. visit-sta-lucia

    Visit to the Santa Lucía Centre


    The Dianova Spain Organization invited the representatives of the Dianova Network to an informative meeting in the Santa Lucía centre(Ambite, Spain).

  6. Assembly of Delegates

    Annual Meeting of the Dianova Network


    The Dianova network annual meetings were held from June 27 to 29 in Madrid, in the presence of forty participants including delegates of Dianova member organizations and guests.

  7. slum-child-foundation-01

    Slum Child Foundation


    Slum Child Foundation: empowering and positively impacting the lives of slum children, especially girls

  8. SPYM: helping children in India

    SPYM: Enhancing Human Dignity


    The Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses (SPYM) is an Indian organization dedicated to reaching out to the most disadvantaged sections of society

  9. Life 2016 - Palombara

    Dianova Italy: Satisfaction Survey


    The results of the survey show that over 83% of reference services were satisfied with their relationship with Dianova’s therapeutic communities

  10. Doctor at mobile health clinic in Pakistan

    High Level Forum on the SDGs


    It is not possible to move forward without granting universal access to basic services such as water, food, energy, health and housing for all.