1. international-volunteer-day

    International Volunteer Day 2016


    Integrity, transparency, the desire to help others and a good work environment are ever-present in the day-to-day operations of Association Dianova Spain

  2. world-aids-day

    AIDS: Female Adolescents are the Most Vulnerable


    The number of people in treatment has increased dramatically, reducing AIDS-related deaths among adults and children. However, the number of new HIV infections remains at a worrying level.

  3. opening-dianova-tsa2

    New project in Canada: Dianova-ASD


    Dianova opens a specialized residential centre for young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  4. violence-women

    World Day to End Violence Against Women


    On November 25 is celebrated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, a day to raise awareness and to fight against every form of gender-based violence.

  5. ewodor-event

    Outcomes of the EWODOR Symposium


    Outcomes of the XVI International Ewodor Symposium, organized by Dianova, on September 22 and 23 in Rome

  6. csf-2016

    Annual Meeting of the CSF in Brussels


    The Civil Society Forum on Drugs meets in Brussels to report on recent work carried out, define the direction for future work and maintain a dialogue with representatives of European institutions

  7. gardens-by-the-bay

    The New Urban Agenda


    Habitat III: The new urban agenda – building the path for inclusive and egalitarian cities

  8. rel-uruguay-03

    The Vocational & Educational Advisor


    Best practice: in Uruguay, Dianova’s Vocational & Educational Advisors accompany, support, and guide those enrolling in the social reintegration programme

  9. visit-spym05

    Enhancing Human Dignity in India


    A visit to SPYM, an NGO which reaches out to the most disadvantaged sections of the Indian society

  10. teens-forum04

    The Teens’ Forum


    The Teens’ Forum was organized in Nairobi (Kenya) by the Slum Child Foundation, associate member of the Dianova Network, with over 400 participants